Collection #2 - Garden Party collaborated with Erik Mansikka

Available for a limited time only.

How do you imagine a Garden Party?

Do you imagine it as a fancy party, a perfect warm summer evening with cozy lights hanging from the trees, or simply a blanket thrown on the grass with delicious food in the basket?

In the summer, when the evenings never turn dark and the nature is flourishing and green, the joy is at its best. Gather your friends and family and enjoy the whole process from planning to partying.

Planning can be made fun when you have a vision. What do you want to serve your guests? Is it a fancy dinner, casual party or a picninc ?  Do you have some sort of theme thought out? Besides the food, should we have some activities?

When you have a clear vision of what, when, where and how, you have come a long way. Now you can start with the preparations. Tablecloth, blankets, napkins, plates, bowls, glasses, table decorations, baskets, chairs and a table are just some of the things you might need for your evening.

To help you on the way we have gathered in our  Collection #2 – Garden Party different type of items, which can make your Garden Party more fun.

Again, imagine that perfect evening, and how different items from our collection can bring some type of spice and joy to the party.

We are also very excited to present our collaborator, Chef Erik Mansikka, owner of Restaurant Kaskis. Like comuoto, Restaurant Kaskis, have a high quality standard and an own twist to make it unique.

Read more about Kaskis and Erik Mansikka from our About the Collaborator.

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